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"Bill Cobb...WOW...a man of integrity, spirit, power and talent. Bill has been a part of my programming here on the Presbyterian Village North campus for several years. he is dynamic and has taught me that music is Heart Memory!! Bill makes a room come to life when Memory Care folks need redirection. He lights up the room and he connects with them making them feel like they are the most Improtant person at that very minute of time. Bill makes every moment matter when he is giving you that hour of his time. He never complains, always smiles and gives 100%. I am excited for anyone to know his talent. He is one of the most gifted musicians I have ever met. "

Lilly Adrian-Memory Care Specialist

Presbyterian Village North-Dallas, TX


"We have had the very talented Bill Cobb sing at our community for the past several years. The residents always are very excited to see and listen to him. He interacts with the residents during his show. You will be very honored to have Bill Cobb play and sing for your community."

Brenda Schmidt-Activity Director

Meadowood Assisted Living and Memory Care

Grapevine, TX 817-275-6100

Bill Cobb Ministries, Inc.


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